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    Codo Ceramics and Textiles

    Andrew Vlock and Chinatsu Nagamune started Codo in 2016 as a way to begin expressing their love of craft and deep appreciation for materials.

    Chinatsu was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  She works with natural indigo to make both decorative and functional textiles.  She uses a rice paste and paper stencil technique known as "katazome" or stencil dyeing.  Her patterns come from her everyday life, human marks, and natural phenomena.

    Andrew is a potter and trained in Mashiko, Japan.  He works primarily with very simple combinations: red North Carolina Clay, white slip, and clear glaze.  He believes that with any combination, no matter how simple, there is infinite depth to explore.  He likes to create functional and sculptural wrk that can be read without interruption by both the eyes and hands.  Each pot, even within sets, is unique and has its own rhythm and visual flow.

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